Video captures rope-climbing burglar steal lotto scratchers, cigarettes

Surveillance footage captured a burglar rappelling into a local business after cutting a hole in the roof and breaking through the ceiling earlier this week.  

The unusual robbery occurred just before 7 a.m. Monday at M&M Smoke and Gift Shop in the 1500 block of Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock.  

Video shows the suspect dressed in dark clothing slowly come down a rope and jump to the ground where they retrieved a bag that they had already dropped from the ceiling. Once down, the person starts rifling through the shelves behind the store’s counter.  

Roy Hanna, who works at the store and discovered that the shop had been burglarized, said the thief was in the store for about five to 10 minutes.  

While he’s unsure how much cash the thief got away with, Hanna said the rope-climbing burglar focused on lottery scratchers and cigarettes.  

After the suspect loads up the bag and attaches a rope to it, they climb back out the way they came in.  

Authorities with the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Hanna filed a police report about the burglary, but said they had no further details at this time.  

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