Uber strikes deal to partner with SoCal taxi operators

A multi-year partnership between Uber and Los Angeles Yellow Cab was announced early Tuesday morning.

Under the deal, Uber will combine its operations with Los Angeles Yellow Cab’s five partner taxi fleets in Southern California, including, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Taxi drivers will gain access to Uber trip referrals, which should provide drivers with better earnings opportunities, a news release stated.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Uber because it’s a clear win-win for drivers and riders,” said William Rouse, CEO of the taxi operations.

The deal provides drivers with more earnings opportunities and riders with faster pickups, officials said.

“Uber’s ride referrals are going to help fill in our slower times and keep the drivers busy making money. Drivers are going to benefit from this partnership for a long time to come,” Yellow Cab of Los Angeles board member and long-time owner-operator Aydin Kavak said.

The six Southern California taxi companies total about 1,200 vehicles, with a combined service area that is nearly continuous from the U.S.-Mexico border to north Los Angeles County, according to the news release.

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