Monterey Park police officers wound man in East LA shootout

Monterey Park police officers shot and wounded a man during a shootout in East Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, authorities said.

The man, whose identity was not released, was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the upper body that authorities described as non-life-threatening. No officers were shot.

The incident began when a resident living in Monterey Park called police to report a domestic violence incident in which the man brandished a gun, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials, who are investigating the shooting.

When Monterey Park police officers came to the house, they found out the man had driven off in a red SUV, the sheriff’s department said in a news release. Officers said they knew the suspect and that he spent a lot of time in East Los Angeles.

Later, around 2  p.m., officers saw the man driving a red SUV south on Rowan Avenue from Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and pulled him over, the department said. The man stopped and got out of his car with a gun in hand, and as he began to run an officer fired at him.

Authorities didn’t say what prompted the officer to shoot.

The man kept running north on Rowan Avenue, where he and another officer shot at each other, authorities said. The man ran through an alley where he tossed his gun, then tried to get into a passerby’s vehicle, at which point he fell on the ground and was arrested by officers.

Officers found a gun that they suspect belonged to the man, the release said.

Along with the Sheriff’s Department investigation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will investigate the shooting, as it does with all police shootings in the county, to check whether officers complied with the law in firing at the suspect.

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