Del Taco to debut beef birria ramen, other items at restaurants nationwide

Del Taco will become the first-ever quick-service restaurant to offer beef birria ramen when it makes its official debut along with other new menu items on Thursday.

Shredded Beef Birria Tacos, quesadilla, ramen, and consomé dip will be available at Del Taco locations nationwide for a limited time, the company recently announced.

“As part of our Del Taco Better Mex brand promise, we wanted to serve this unique Mexican street food experience to our guests with truly authentic flavors in our new Shredded Beef Birria and consomé,” Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

“Our Shredded Beef Birria tacos and quesadilla deliver the classic experience of dipping them into the savory consomé before eating while the ramen provides a unique flavor explosion of hot consomé filled with wavy noodles and authentic birria in a cup.”

Del Taco’s Senior Director of Culinary Research and Development, Jeremias Aguayo, was instrumental in getting birria on the menu since it was one of his favorite dishes growing up.

Prices are around $5.75 for the ramen, $8.59 for the tacos and $6.79 for the quesadilla. The tacos and quesadilla entrée also come with the consomé dip.

In addition to the new birria items, Del Taco will debut a Cookie Butter Shake featuring Biscoff®  Cookie Butter and Biscoff® Cookie Crumbles for a limited time. Both items will be made to order.

To find the nearest Del Taco location near you, click here.

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