Actor Michael B. Jordan crashes his Ferrari in Hollywood

A Ferrari slammed into a parked car on Sunset Boulevard on Saturday night, and preliminary information indicates that the supercar may have been driven by a famous actor. 

Los Angeles Police Department officials confirmed that officers responded to the intersection of Sunset and Beachwood Drive in Hollywood just before 11:35 p.m. on reports of a traffic collision. 

Upon arrival, officers found that a vehicle had struck another one that was parked, police said. 

According to TMZ, the Ferrari belongs to and was being driven by actor Michael B. Jordan, known for his roles in the Creed films and Black Panther and People Magazine’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive.

Stringer service OnSceneTV also reported that Jordan was behind the wheel, but those reports could not be confirmed by the LAPD. 

Footage captured by OnSceneTV shows that the right side of the light blue Ferrari 812 Superfast sustained major damage as a result of the collision, with the vehicle’s front right tire completely sheared off. 

The parked Kia Niro SUV was also heavily damaged, video shows. 

Law enforcement officials will not release any names since no one involved in the crash was arrested or booked, but they did confirm that an accident report was taken. 

Whether Jordan was driving or if he was a passenger is not known.

No injuries were reported. 

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