UMAEE begins its launch into three US cities with an innovative educational project

The “Universidad Más Educación y Enseñanza” will launch an ambitious and innovative educational project in the US in the coming weeks, which has aroused enormous interest in its three startup cities: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin. 

Focused primarily on the Latino communities of these three important districts, the project of Mexican origin contemplates the reinforcement of knowledge and skills to empower migrants and increase their possibilities of insertion and economic, social and cultural development in the United States. 

“We have a very complete offer of training courses and educational careers that are generating the attention of hundreds of Latino residents in three of the main cities of the country at this beginning of activities,” said Roberto Millán, who serves as Institutional Dean and Founder of the prestigious Mexican university that for decades has distinguished itself for the innovative nature of its programs. 

Now, the internationalization effort is accompanied by the deep knowledge of the UMAEE academic researchers in the challenges faced by the Latino community to achieve its full insertion both in the economy and in the society of our North American nation. 

“This project is based on the preparation and vision of our teachers and education professionals. For several years we have studied the complex environment in which our Latino brothers try to integrate on a daily basis and we are convinced that we are the best option to help them in their purpose “, Millán emphasizes, and adds:” We have several decades of experience working hand by hand with many companies in Mexico, several of American origin, and we know exactly what is expected of Latinos in the US ”.

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