New EP from The Deep West blooms out of brothers finding the good from a bad situation

After a bit of a hiatus following the breakup of their indie quartet The New Limb, which disbanded in 2014 after nine years together, San Bernardino-born brothers Adam and Joey Chavez have blossomed into a new band, The Deep West.

They will release their debut EP, “California Flowers,” Feb. 5.

“That is the reason why we called it ‘California Flowers,’” Joey Chavez said. “The flower aspect of the EP is that out of a negative situation bloomed music, which is a positive thing for us.”

The six song release is a collection of soulful tunes with generally uplifting messages about love, ambition, overcoming adversity and making the best out of regrets.

“We have a little bit of a unique sound to us but it definitely leans toward indie-pop and it’s just kind of an expression of what we’ve been going through, especially in regards to the dissolve of the previous project,” Adam Chavez said of the new EP.

Beyond new music taking root in order to release “California Flowers,” it also took a lot of DIY efforts and a brush with COVID-19 as the brothers came face to face with the dangers of making music videos during a pandemic.

The brothers wrote the lyrics and songs and recorded and produced the record in Adam Chavez’s North Hollywood studio and also came up with the concepts, directed and starred in three videos so far.

“This has been something in the last few years that we wanted to take on,  just the two of us ourselves and not have too many cooks in the kitchen,” Adam Chavez said.

“From the bottom to the top we write the music together, we record the music together, we fight over recording the music together,” Joey Chavez added.

But it was during one of the few times that they needed outside help that the brothers ran into problems. Filming the video for the song “Otherside” required the help of a four-person crew.

After the video was recorded, the brothers and one of the crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

“We set up parameters, we limited the people we were going to have on set and we were getting tested, not seeing family members for holidays and all that kind of stuff and it still came knocking on our door,” Adam Chavez said.

The three are now OK now, but after their COVID-19 experience they’re going to have to learn yet another DIY skill when it comes to making videos.

“We’re probably just going to do everything animated from now on,” Adam Chavez said.

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