What to know about face masks for kids

Many people have been spending more time at home for a few months now, which is why some kids may not be used to wearing a mask in public just yet.

Dr. Richard Kang, a pediatrician at Northridge Hospital, said parents should start having the conversation with kids now in case they possibly head back to school in the coming months, especially elementary-age kids.

“The interesting thing about young children especially is that they’re more likely to consider helping others than caring about their own safety,” Kang said. “So, one of the discussions that you can have is that if you want to protect your friend, or your classmates, that’s part of your responsibility in terms of making sure that you’re clean, or even wearing a mask.”

When buying or even making masks, Dr. Kang recommended they be made of 100% tightly woven cotton, and that the mask fits comfortably over the mouth and nose.

The Center for Disease Control recommends children 2-years-old and older wear a mask when outside in public areas.

Damian Moon in Downtown Los Angeles started making masks with a friend in March when he saw there was a need for masks, and started selling them on Etsy.

Now, he said he’s busy and working non-stop to make more and more, including kids’ masks.

“My job is to continuously come up with a good-looking nice color mask that goes with trends because obviously kids are very sensitive with what they’re wearing right now. So, I tried to make them with the current trends in the industry,” said Moon.

Moon also said that to make the masks as comfortable as possible to buy ones with adjustable ear straps.

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