LA’s St. Vincent de Paul Parish returns to indoor Mass after more than a year of closure

Concluding an all-night vigil at the historic Los Angeles church, the faith community at St. Vincent de Paul Parish celebrated its first Mass since being closed by the pandemic more than a year ago, on Sunday, July 11.

“We want to bring the light of Christ back into our church with the hundreds of vigil candles that will be lit on the front steps of our church,” said Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark for Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region. “People need to see and experience that our faith is still alive as we remember all those who have died and suffered because of the pandemic. COVID has not won, Christ in our hearts remains victorious.”

The celebration began Saturday evening, as parishioners began an all-night vigil that ended with the 8 a.m. Sunday service at the church at  621 W. Adams Blvd.

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