Here’s why LA County is seeing an increase in COVID cases, but a decline in deaths

Local data trends show an increase in coronavirus cases, but how do deaths compare?

We spoke with a Dr. Michael Daignault, a local E.R. doctor at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

“There’s a number of reasons for this trend. Number one, the positivity rate’s going up in the last couple months just because when we reopened the economy,” said Dr. Daignault.

Another reason we’re seeing this trend, according to the doctor, is based on the increase in positive cases we’re seeing in young people who don’t have as many underlying health conditions.

While the overall mortality rate has dropped since the start of the pandemic according to data, Dr. Daignault also said over the last month the mortality rate hasn’t dropped drastically enough to simply say it’s decreasing.

“I think the mortality rate is stable. I wouldn’t say it’s decreasing quite yet,” he said.

New medical techniques and coronavirus treatments are a contributing factor to the lower mortality rate, according to Daignault.

The doctor also said to keep in mind that just because we’re seeing this trend right now, doesn’t mean this virus isn’t dangerous or deadly.

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