Bald eagle baby that began to hatch in Big Bear dies

Thousands of people from across the world watched via live stream as the first bald eagle baby in Big Bear began to hatch this week, but by Friday afternoon, March 19, the chick stopped moving.

The chick was the first of the two eggs to begin pipping – a sign of hatching – on Thursday afternoon in the nest that sits 145 feet up a pine tree near Big Bear Lake. The baby eaglet even let out a few chirps from inside the egg.

But Friday afternoon, nonprofit Friends of Big Bear Valley – which runs the live nest cam on YouTube – said the chick stopped moving.

“Sometimes nature is hard to watch, especially when there is an unexpected turn of events that we do not understand,” the nonprofit said in a Facebook post. “We do not know and cannot know what might have happened, no matter how much our human minds would like to speculate or try to figure it out.”

Jackie, the female eagle, and Shadow, the male, will continue to care for their second egg, which has not yet pipped. The two eggs were laid by Jackie in February and the second egg was laid a few days after the first.

In January, Jackie laid three eggs which were all lost.

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