2 diamond Rolex watches taken in Valley Village follow-home robbery

Two suspects are on the loose Friday morning after committing what police believe is a follow-home robbery in Valley Village.

The victims were returning home from a club in Hollywood about 2:45 a.m. Friday and on their way to drop off someone on the 12000 block of Albers Street when a vehicle with two men pulled in behind them and robbed them at gunpoint, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison told City News Service.

The victims told Fox 11 the robbers took two diamond Rolex watches, an iPhone, at least $2,000 in cash and pistol-whipped a female passenger.

“They take everything. They put a gun in my face and said if you don’t shut up I’ll put a bullet in your head,” one victim told Fox 11.

The suspects were described as a Black male between 20 and 25 years old wearing a black jacket and a Black male between 35 and 40 with a beard. Both suspects were wearing gloves, police said.

Madison said the suspects drove away in a late model white Toyota.

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